Use SyncStage’s SDKs for Android, iOS and Unity to build real-time immersive experiences

Getting Started

To become a SyncStage Early Access Developer, you’ll first need an API token. Please complete this form and one of our team will contact you with your token."

When you have your API token, you can build SyncStage into your applications using SDKs for Android, iOS and Unity. Follow the links below to get started on your chosen platform.

Join the SyncStage Community

Meet the SyncStage team and other SyncStage Early Access developers in our community Slack, to share ideas, ask questions, and learn about the latest SyncStage news.


Q. How many simultaneous users can SyncStage support?

A. Currently, SyncStage supports 8 simultaneous users.

Q. Why do my users have random names after they connect?

A. For the test period usernames are randomly generated, this will be configurable soon.

Q. In which regions is SyncStage available?

A. Syncstage is available in these countries, in the early access phase - US, UK, Japan, South Korea and Germany. If your country is not shown, please complete this form to enter your details and we will get back to you, as we roll out into further markets

Q. Does Sync Stage require special hardware to run?

A. Yes, SyncStage requires next-generation 5G mobile phones to deliver the optimal SyncStage experience. We currently recommend the latest iPhones (iPhone 12, 13) and the latest Samsung phones (Samsung S20, S21, S22, ZFold 2)